The Freethought Poet

by Tyler Scope

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“Tyler Scope has just released his newest EP The Freethought Poet that has official hit the virtual landscape on Soundcloud and other tangible platforms. This EP contains a primordial mixture of jazz/soul integrated with a novel and contemporary sound. The Freethought Poet EP pays homage to vintage styles of music infusing them into an authentic frequency of conscious hip hop sound that appeals to music heads everywhere. The first aspect worth noting is the amazingly complex yet relaxed production on the EP that encapsulates a fluidity of movement from track to track. This gracefulness exploits much like an everlasting song that does not possess any loose or convoluted ends – Simply pristine music and variability. This EP is a lot like Lupe Fiasco’s Kick Push style with respects to skateboarding but presented in an atmospheric way with orchestral sounds integrated with an ambient resonance creating a divine experience. The chopping ability of the samples was put together in a way that fluctuated while remaining uniform to the overall purpose of the entire EP itself. This is extremely difficult to do for most producers but Scope puts precision into his production tactics as a means to revolutionize sound. There were some awesome cuts on The Freethought Poet that are hard for any professional musician to replicate. The wisdom of Scope through each bar was carefully thought out (pun intended) with multifaceted rhyme schemes, forceful execution, and unique meticulousness. The deconstruction of the gritty art form in the creative expression of his lyricism is something that cannot be ignored on this EP or replicated. The metaphysical aspects tap into a divine essence not only in the words spoken but the feeling and intentions behind each bar that are congruent to the image put forth by this talented rapper. My favorite song on the extended play was PONY UP which displayed Scope’s swift rapping skills on a dope beat with contrasting tempo deliveries that erected unexpectedly throughout the composition establishing both excitability and surprising ascetics. There was a minimalist approach to some of the tracks like Sheep Nigg*z that was really endearing - it provided a stage for Tyler Scope to shine his lyricism almost as an extra instrument in the entire mix. There were also moments of intense improvisation performing rap verses off the top to give the compositions an aura of realness. This album is a precursor to something great in the future and The Freethought Poet will not disappoint when the full fledged album is released to the masses – We are getting just the glimpse of a cognizant movement of rap music.”
- CarsonCLee


released February 25, 2017




Tyler Scope Atlanta, Georgia

Im an Atlanta emcee with many different influences who like to keep it traditional. Check out The Freethought poet EP.

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